18 Mar

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A Snapshot of our week

The Y11 group have sat eleven exams this week.  Wednesday and Thursday were especially difficult with three exams in one day.

Y13 students have sat their Mathematics, Accounts and paper 1 of the French mocks this week too.

Y10 completed their first paper for Citizenship during their lesson with Mr Davies on Friday.

Some of our students have been to Pingles Athletics track this week to start their Athletics rotation in Core PE lessons.

Next Week

The mocks will continue for the whole of this week.

Next week Primary will undertake a new set of tests, which all campus’s nationally will do.  This has been set by the National Primary Lead, Rachel Beyer.

Dates Of Interest

11-25 March – Y11 & Y13 Mocks

22 March – Y9 National Justice Museum

27 March – Y11 Regional Maths Day at Long Eaton

28 March – Y13 Careers Event

29 March – Y3, Y4 & Y5 Cadbury’s Trip (linked to their topic of Food Glorious Food)

2 April – Y12 & Y13 Graphics Exam

3 April – Y12 & Y13 Graphics Exam

4 April – Y3, Y4 & Y5 Food Festival for Parents

5 April – Y13 Graphics Exam

5 April – End of Term

23 April – Students Return


Our current whole school attendance is 96.9% which is fantastic considering the amount of bugs we have had recently.  We are 0.1% below our target of 97% and would like to thank everyone for supporting us when it comes to attendance.

Please remind all students who are taking exams next week to bring the equipment they need, i.e calculator, mathematical instruments, black biro, etc.  They may bring a water bottle into the exam room but it must be clear with no labels on it.  All pencil cases need to be clear too.

As you will see from the above dates we have a trip to the National Justice Museum on Friday, 22 March.  Two buses will be transporting the students to Nottingham and back.  The expected return time is 3.15pm, we will therefore hold all of the mini buses until the trip has returned.  This will enable all students to return on their normal buses, although a few minutes later than normal.  Thank you for your understanding with this.


You may be aware that we are seeking to appoint an additional permanent Maths teacher at our Campus.   We recently interviewed for the post but were unable to appoint a candidate who could both teach very well and be a good ‘fit’ culturally and professionally for our school.  We are going to re-advertise the role in April with a view to a new teacher starting with us in September.  On a positive note many teachers would have been too focussed on and dedicated to their current students in preparing for the forthcoming exams and would not have looked to move schools at Easter and would naturally prefer a September start.  I am therefore sure we will attract a strong field of candidates when we next advertise the role.

In the meantime I am very happy with the two agency Maths teachers we have in post.  Stuart Tonks and Maryam Hussein are very experienced and performing well at our school.  They have agreed to stay with us until the end of this academic year which will give us some stability for the next five months.


As from Monday, each driver as they pull up to Bill needs to tell him one of two things about their busload, whether:

  1. All students are present or if any are absent
  2. They know of student/s travelling on a different bus from usual (they might have an additional passenger or one of their usual passengers is on another bus)

The purpose of this is to have accurate records of who is in the building prior to formal registration, in the case of an emergency.

Y11 Study Leave

Students are not permitted study leave before or during the examination period.  Students should continue to attend school throughout this period and attend timetabled revision lessons with staff.  Revision lessons will be organised for students to best prepare them for their examinations and this may require some changes to timetabled lessons once examinations are complete – this process is called ‘stand down’.  As more subjects are completed and stand down time increases.  Once all examinations are complete, students are fully stood down and are not required to attend school until students return to Sixth Form.

Students will return for Sixth Form Induction on Monday 24th June 2019.  Guidance will be issued by NSO.

Please note Wednesday 26th June 2019 is the national contingency day for GCSE exams and all candidates should be available.

Year 13 Examinations

Students will be required to attend all taught lessons in the run up to the main examinations.  This can be managed using a combination of normal school attendance and enrichment with the following expectations:-

  1. Lessons continue uninterrupted until Friday May 11th
  2. Zoom lessons continue up to the final examination.  Students are required to attend lessons as normal as well as any additional sessions arranged by their teacher.
  3. Zoom students are responsible for contacting their teacher if they are absent from lessons due to examinations.  This includes any practical or speaking and listening examination.
  4. Once all their examinations are completed students are not required to attend school.

Please note Wednesday 26th June 2019 is the national contingency day for A-Level exams and all candidates should be available.

DAQM Tip of the Week

Break up big projects into smaller, less intimidating pieces. Have a three-page paper due in a week? Set dates for working on little tasks related to the paper, like picking a topic, doing research and writing a first draft. Don’t be afraid to ask a teacher, parent or tutor to assist you.

Extreme Reading Challenge

There have been some very interesting and imaginative photos decorating the SDL corridor the past two weeks.  It is a pity not to share these with parents and family! If you are happy for your image to be used in the next Blur … due out very shortly… please could they be submitted to blur@factor4uk.com by Friday 15th March 2019

Many Thanks – The Blur Team blur@factor4uk.com

Kind regards

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