Our students; at the heart of what we do!

After all, our students are who we exist for – and each one is unique, individual, valued and catered for.

Focus School Atherstone Campus currently has approximately 140 students.  From intake at Year 3 when our students are equipped with learning skills for life, through to Year 13 when they have become Self-Directed Learners, the learning process guides them through the responsibilities and the challenges of their own education programme and initiates them to reach out to their own outcomes.

They benefit from being in small classes and the school provides a safe and protective environment within which students can optimise their personal potentials. All students are encouraged to accept leadership roles and participate in community support initiatives to gain skills and aptitudes, complementing the school’s goal to develop responsible, active and informed citizens.

It’s the principle of learning to learn which is empowering our students to take charge of their own learning and pursue their own outcomes.  They discover their strengths and weaknesses, their learning preferences and the skills; hence they discover the ability to take charge of their own learning and thus become learners for life.

It’s the opportunities that the students make for themselves that are leading to the deeper and richer learning experiences; it’s the way that students engage with their learning that is driving them forward and it’s the provision of the all-inclusive learning environment that is allowing every student to succeed, not only academically but in learning how to learn so that they can face the on-going challenges of life with method and confidence.

Given scope to investigate, explore and evaluate, students are now more than able to take the initiative in their own learning programmes, in styles and environments that they understand and enjoy.

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