Curriculum statement

We follow the National Curriculum at Focus School Atherstone Campus and our aim is that each student leaves us with qualifications up to university entrance level.

Our focus for 2018 and beyond is further developing our SDL (Self-Directed Learning) which we believe will provide our students with an excellent foundation to build on as they pursue their chosen career.


From Year 3 through to Year 6, our excellent team of teaching staff stretch our students to meet National Curriculum standards and beyond. Particular emphasis is placed on the core areas of Numeracy and Literacy.

Throughout Key stage 2 we lay the foundation for the students’ academic learning, and ignite the desire to achieve. We seek to provide a positive learning atmosphere that gives all children the best possible learning opportunities, matched to their individual needs, within a happy and safe environment.

The curriculum offers – in addition to Numeracy, Literacy and Science – French, Topic, Art and PE including swimming.


The focus is on the core subjects in KS3 with encouragement for students to branch out in their self-expression with subjects such as Art, D&T, Food Tech and Physical Education.


In Key Stage 4 students complete their GCSEs.  Most students take exams in Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, French, Art and PE.


All students stay on to complete years 12 and 13, with most studying A levels and Diplomas and practical vocational courses as appropriate.  All students also complete an extended project qualification.

Remote Learning

We deliver and receive a broader curriculum using teachers from other schools through laptop based ‘Zoom’ technology or Virtual Classroom (VC) video link.