The School is committed to creating and delivering learning programs that meet the educational needs of each student, and to nurture the attitudes and skills necessary for continual learning and personal growth throughout life.

“Learning to Learn” means to use learning as a tool whereby students are equipped with the ability to think critically, process information perceptually, analyse data accurately and evaluate situations intelligently in order that they fulfil their true potential.

For the students it means that they understand they can develop not only their knowledge of Maths, Science or Geography, but that their actual capacity to learn, across all subjects and spheres of life, can grow and develop.

Our aspiration for a student leaving Atherstone Campus is that they are ready for the rest of their life.  We want them to look ahead with confidence, knowing that whatever the future, nothing will ever daunt them; because if they find themselves in a situation where they don’t know what to do, they will have the skills to access, assess, and apply knowledge.

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