Skill Area Examples
Academic Achievement/Using Language, symbols and text
  • Strive to extend the use of my vocabulary in my writing.
  • Read from a wide range of texts.
  • Ensure the presentation of my work is at the highest level.
  • Communicate my ideas clearly.
  • Recognise that all learning has value, even if I don’t see the point of it at that moment.
  • Recognise the cross-curricular themes between subjects.
  • Present evidence of my learning to the highest standard.
  • Strive to improve with every assignment.
  • Achieve well in all areas of learning.
  • Achieve above and beyond your own personal academic goals.
Fulfilling Potential/Thinking Creatively and Innovatively
  • Can meet deadlines for set work i.e. homework, test preparation.
  • Will show courage to admit when I need help.
  • Can work within the boundaries set within the class.
  • Can solve problems that I am faced with and see them through to the end.
  • Able to set goals regularly.
  • Can work towards all goals and achieve them.
  • Meet expectations of both staff and peers.
  • Take risks and try new learning.
  • Have a go at more challenging things.
  • Accept advice and turn them into target.
  • Finding creative solutions to difficult problems
  • Learn how to fail successfully
  • Demonstrate uniqueness in my work
Management Skills/Managing myself
  • Can work constructively with others.
  • Can express my thoughts and listen to the thoughts of others without putting them down.
  • Can meet deadlines set.
  • Meet all deadlines for assignments.
  • Catch up on any missed work.
  • Always have equipment at the ready and in good order.
  • Ask sensible questions
  • Work well with all students taking into account the ideas of others as well as offering your own.
  • Do a job you see needs doing without being asked.
  • Be a positive role model.
Involvement in School Activities/participating and contributing
  • Open to new ideas and challenges.
  • Listen to others, and support new ideas.
  • Will encourage the effort of others at all times.
  • Can contribute positively within a group.
  • Join in with existing school activities.
  • Suggest new ideas, put proposals and action plans in place.
  • Encourage other house members to be involved with events.
  • Take part in school competitions, have a go to make the event bigger and better.
  • Show team spirit in lessons and extra-curricular activities.
  • Take care of school resources and the environment.
Leadership/Relating to others
  •  Can be positive in all my dealings with others.
  • Can be responsible for my own behaviours and actions.
  • Can be respectful of other people and their ideas.
  • Can be totally relied upon when in unsupervised situations.
  • Will tidy up after myself.
  • Lead by example
  • Help others without being asked.
  • Happily mentor other students
  • Never name call, put down or embarrass another person. Demonstrate perfect manners.
  • Join in with all class room activities.
  • Go the extra mile to keep school tidy.