12 Jul

  • By coventryadmin

Today’s iconic British building Biscuit Bake-Off generated some impressive constructions.
From St Paul’s Cathedral to Stonehenge, from Selfridges to the Millennium Dome,  British monuments were recreated in flour, sugar, butter and A LOT of icing!

As you can see, this project involved some impressive engineering.

The biscuit buildings were judged by Mr Hetherington, Mrs Takhar and Mr Elton.

St Paul’s Cathedral was commended for the technical ability shown by its creators.

The two very different interpretations of Big Ben both won awards one for structural integrity and the other for its beautiful appearance.

The creativity and ingenuity of the students was most impressive.  As always, they rose to the challenge and outdid themselves.

Thanks go out to Mrs Sharon Fishwick for giving up her time today as well as to Mrs Glover and Mrs Stoddard for their stamina and patience in this all day bake off!

Check the Gallery “British building Biscuit Bake-Off” for some fantastic photos of this activity.