20 Jun

  • By coventryadmin

Summer 2016 saw the graduation of our Year 13 students.

This was an awesome day with students and CA team sitting down to a 7 course meal planned, prepared and cooked by Year 12 .

This was followed by a presentation of awards and certificates to celebrate Year 13’s success and their 7 years at Coventry Campus .

Each student undertook a short speech about one of the subjects they had been taught and handed a small gift and card to staff who delivered that subject.  The students also received a gift to remember their time at Coventry Campus.  This consisted of a hooded sweatshirt with each Year 13 students’ name on the back and also an engraved travel clock.  It was a fantastic day and students had a brilliant ‘send-off’.

Many thanks to members of the community for their support and hard work in obtaining the gifts and helping with the meal.  We would like to also thank the trustees for their support on this event.  An event which was the last at Coventry Campus as we end our time at the campus and start our journey to Atherstone in September.

Year 13 would like to thank “Mrs P” for everything she did to help and support them during their final year at school.

Check out the photos in the Gallery.