05 Mar

  • By coventryadmin

The French revision day held at our school was a great success!

Everyone found it very useful, because although Zoom is an awesome way of teaching, learning languages that way can be quite difficult, so meeting our teachers again and having some time face-to-face was ideal and it meant we could go over the specific things we were struggling with. Meeting up with all the other students sitting the same exam is always useful as you can compare notes and exchange stress-outs!

The 6 different workshops all focused on vital things coming up in our exam and with French teachers from all around the UK attending, which meant that we had the best teacher for each workshops, enabling us to gather more skills and ideas from just our usual VC teachers.  A lot was packed into the day and our brains left to fizzle slowly out, under a large pile of French homework and revision!

Thanks to all those who helped organise the day.