13 Oct

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Year 3

What an EXCITING week we have had in Year 3!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the ‘Outback 2 Basics’ on Wednesday! They got the chance to make their own fat lamps and arrow heads. The children were able to see real Stone Age tools and animal skins and they were able to dress up. Some of the children were even brave enough to try some bugs, they ate ants and grasshoppers! The children behaved excellently and were all thoroughly engaged in all the activities. They came back to school with their brains full of different facts which they used to write a detailed recount of their day!
A huge thanks to our helpers who supported us on the day, Lynette Thewlis and Jo Carvell.
There will be more details about this trip in the next edition of the Blur


In science this week we were looking at soil formation. The children made their own wormery. This meant that we had to go searching for worms within the school grounds! The children enjoyed digging in the mud for worms and stomping in the dirt!

Year 4 & 5

In maths this week we seem to have really mastered rounding! We have been rounding decimal numbers to the nearest whole number and tenth. The children took part in a mini championship games, which included standing long jump, bean bag shot put and tiddlywinks.  Children had to measure their raw score and then round their score to the nearest whole number and then one tenth.  In the words of one pupil, ‘That was an awesome lesson it was like P.E. Maths!’ We have also been learning Roman Numerals to 1000.


In English we have been really inspired by a non-fiction book, ‘The Wonder Garden’. The book introduces some truly magnificent habitats such as the Chihuahuan Desert, Black Forest and the Himalaya’s.  As the children knew very little about these habitats, they found the independent study fascinating.

A stunning piece of art work By Ayrton Wheatcroft Year 4.

Year 6

This week Year 6 have continued with their novel Beowulf – we are still loving it and can’t wait to find out if Beowulf manages to defeat Grendel. Our writing focus this week was diary entries and we looked closely at the features of diaries in order to write effectively. We are attempting to uplevel our work independently by using a range of different resources that Miss Papuga has made for us – including a range of sentence style cards, vocabulary mats, and self-assessment sheets.

In maths we have been studying factors, multiples and prime numbers. We all found that this was quite simple until Miss Papuga gave us a challenge. We were given a grid with a range of different criteria in order to sort 25 numbers – 1 number in each box. We loved this task, although none of us solved it by the end of the lesson… can you?