15 Sep

  • By coventryadmin

Year 3

What a fantastic first week we have had in Year 3! The children have worked very hard and behaved excellently. I have really enjoyed getting to know them all and it’s lovely to see how enthusiastic they are about coming to school.

In maths this week we have concentrated on place value. The children have worked very hard even when some of the work may have been a bit challenging. We played a game which was based on our times tables, they thoroughly enjoyed this and got very competitive with each other!

In our English lessons this week we looked at some famous landscapes that artists had painted. The children were then asked to write a descriptive piece of writing, I was very impressed with all the fabulous adjectives they used!

I was very proud of the children this week when they had their swimming lesson, there were a few children who were nervous about getting in the water for the first time. After the first initial assessment I was pleased to see lots of smiling faces and a few of the children described the lesson as ‘EPIC’!

Year 4 & 5

At the end of last year the children took ownership and designed and budgeted (£300) for their ideal SDL classroom. Upon their return the children were amazed by the transformation and I think we will be very happy in here!

This week children have settled into a wide variety of lessons which include weekly lessons with secondary specialist French, Music and Art teachers.

In maths we have been learning to read, write, order and compare numbers up to  1 000 000 and determine the value of each digit.

In English our work has been based around a Literacy Shed clip; Marshmallows.  We have been learning to extend sentences using vocabulary and additional information in the form of clauses to write a setting opening.

Our spelling focus this week has been adding prefixes and suffixes to root words.

We have also started our topic work on the history of Atherstone.

Year 6

Chug, Chug, Chug, down the motorway on Thursday morning.  We’ve all had mixed feelings about starting school again – some bad some good.

Year 6s are just beginning their hardest year yet and we’re enjoying it so far! We’re having PSHE lessons every week now which is brilliant. We are also having loads of the senior teachers for specialist lessons which is awesome and having higher expected standards is getting us ready for SATS.

All our classrooms are looking amazing, year 4&5’s classroom is fantastic!  Sofas, armchairs, rugs, and plants of all kinds!

All yr6’s think our new Headteacher, Mr Davis, is the best one we’ve ever had, as he is always friendly and greets the students every morning, and so far he is keeping are school up to the standards.

Hopefully this is going to be the best year we’ve ever had.

(By Hetty and Tamar B)

This is Freya and April practising their addition of decimal numbers in the gym– using our new Magic Whiteboard Paper which sticks to any surface – bought with our SDL budget. We can now take our classroom anywhere!