17 Nov

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Year 3

We have had an eventful and busy week in Year 3!

In our science lesson the children made some chocolate rocks. We made sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and igneous rock. Everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully will all be able to tell you the difference between them all!

We read Stone Age Boy in literacy this week and we discussed the different lives we have compared with how they lived in The Stone Age. The children were set a task to write a diary entry as if they were a child in The Stone Age. They worked really hard on this and produced some lovely work, well done!

I think the children would say the best part of the week was making our own model of Stonehenge. The children were split into 3 different groups and used biscuits to make their models. This was harder than it looked and required a lot of team work and resilience when their biscuits fell down! All the models looked brilliant and I was really pleased with what they had produced, the children were then allowed to eat the biscuits. Some of the children said that the lesson was the BEST ever! It was lovely to see how enthusiastic they were about their learning.

Year 4 & 5

Our week in year 4 & 5

Following on from our successful and inspiring trip to the Butterfly Farm children have enjoyed an opportunity to research amphibians as part of their self-directed study in science.

In English this week children have been enthused by our writing project ‘A magic carpet tour’. Children have started their projected by planning a tour around the world on a magic carpet inspired by our book ‘Mirror’. The journey must begin in Sydney and end in Morocco (featured in our book) they can then choose to visit other countries along the way. Children will write a journal article/day by day account about each of their planned stop off countries. So far children have really enjoyed researching Sydney before going on their journey of a life time next week. I know many children have also chosen to do extra research on this at home which is absolutely wonderful to see them so excited by their learning.

In maths we have really tested our brains this week using different mental strategies for adding and subtracting. These include partitioning into tens and ones, rounding to the nearest multiple of 10 and adjusting (compensation) and counting on in repeated steps of 1, 10 and 100.

Here are a few snippets of children’s write ups about their recent Butterfly Farm learning experience.

On the 9th of November, 2017 year 4 and 5 went to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford. It was amazing to see the butterflies actually flying around and landing right on you! Firstly, we went inside the farm and met our well experience guide called Katherine. As she guided around she told us a lot of interesting information. We went in to a tropical like environment and this was where all the different species of butterflies were flying around freely and eating the sweet nectar out of the colourful flowers, which had attracted them.

Lily Shedden

We then started walking into a room with all the chrysalises and different plants. We could see many caterpillars on banana leaves, some even crawling along. The eggs were the size of pin heads! We all found this very interesting but as soon as the lady had finished talking to everyone we all sprinted eagerly to see the chrysalises. We were even lucky enough to see one hatch out in front of our eyes!

Clova Thewlis and Holly Jenkin

Year 6

Miss Papuga’s maths groups, this week, have started working on the dreaded long division. At first it seemed like an impossibility that we would get our heads around this confusing skill but with much perseverance, positivity and patience we’ve got it! Part of our learning involved some serious team work in producing a rap/song/poem to teach other’s the method. Great fun was had by all as you can see. We hope to be able to upload the recordings of the songs onto the website.  (See Gallery for videos)  We can only show three at a time so apologies if your child’s video isn’t included we may be able to switch them around later so keep checking; their video may appear soon!)