01 Dec

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Year 3

In English this week the children tested out their interviewing skills. Two of the children pretended to be characters from a book called The Stone Age Boy. We worked in groups to think of different questions we could ask them and looked into closed and open questions.

In maths this week the children did an investigation looking into combinations of holiday outfits. The children originally thought it was going to be easy but when they started to work on it they realised it was harder than it looked!

For a few weeks now Year 3 have been lucky enough to have an extra P.E lesson on a Tuesday. Miss Akinci has been working on lots of different skills with the children and they particularly enjoyed this week’s session on football.

Thank you for all your support and hard work with the SDL homework task I have set the children. I have been blown away by the work they have produced and we plan to have our very own Stone Age museum to display all the work.

Year 4/5

(22.11.17 – 30.11.17)
This week in science we have worked collaboratively in a group to answer the Big Question – All lifecycles are the same. Prove it!  We presented our findings and conclusion to the rest of the class.

In English we have continued on our Magic Carpet Tour and have been fascinated by facts that we have found out about all the different landscapes, landmarks, people, plants and animals.

In maths we have continued with addition and subtraction mental strategies and problem solving.

In History Mrs Dirveiks, secretary of The Friends of Atherstone Heritage Society (and a former teacher at the school), gave a talk to Y5/6 on Wednesday. She explained why Atherstone was a good site for a settlement and told us about the evidence of the Roman Road, Watling Street, which we now know as Long Street. We learned about how Atherstone developed during the Victorian times to become a town famous all over the world for hatting, but had some of the worst housing conditions in the country. The children enjoyed trying on a wide selection of hats and looking at a model of one of Atherstone’s ‘Yards’. Mrs Dirveiks began her presentation by saying how pleased the people of the town are that the school they loved so much is a Focus school.

Our special thanks to Mrs Peasland for organising the visit and also to Mrs Dirveiks for giving up her time to come and teach us so much about our local area. This week we have followed up Mrs Dirveiks’ visit with a tour of Atherstone town and thoroughly enjoyed researching and answering our big question ‘What clues to the town’s history are evident in Atherstone today?

Here are a couple of Atherstone’s remaining “Yards”

The last remaining Hatting Factory in the town:

Year 6

Year 6 were privileged to have a visit from The History Squad who taught us even more about the Anglo-Saxons. Mrs Peasland has been leading our topic work and we already knew so much but the history man managed to challenge our thinking and deepen our understanding of how they lived and the ways in which they have influenced our lives today.


We have also been focusing on our writing skills and in particular have been studying subordinate and relative clauses. We completed an independent piece of writing this week called The Cave and one of the many criteria we had to meet was to include evidence of different sentence structures, which meant swapping the order of the different clauses.

Miss Papuga was very impressed with our writing skills and we are excited that we are all making lots of progress in this area.