21 Oct

  • By coventryadmin

Year 3

I can’t believe that we are already breaking up for half term, it has just flown by! We have had a hard-working first half term in Year 3 and the children have been a pleasure to teach.

The children took part in an activity called ‘We are going on a number hunt!’ in maths this week. This was a treasure hunt that was set up around school based on place value which is what we have been learning over the past 6 weeks.

Our focus in our literacy lessons this week has been autobiographies and biographies. The children spent one lesson researching Mary Anning, they then had to write a biography based on what they had found out.

We tested the permeability of different types of soils in science. The children worked independently in groups and came out with some brilliant results. All the children were engaged within the lesson and had a lot of fun!

Thank you for all your support this half term.

Year 4 & 5

In English this week children have been learning how to express their point of view. Children had to try and persuade the group that their habitat (The Amazon Rain Forest, The Great Barrier Reef, The Chihuahuan Desert, The Black Forest and The Himalayas) should be the one chosen for our imaginary school trip. They did a fantastic job and the senior leadership team were very impressed with children’s enthusiasm and quality of work they were producing, they also said it was very difficult to choose their favourite habitat to visit.

In maths we have also been following instructions to build a rather complicated and tricky net for our story boxes to be used in English.

In science children have been learning about the life cycle of a flowering plant and they were fascinated by the time lapse of a dandelion from flower to seed. Two children demonstrated their excellent understanding and enthusiasm and they returned from playtime having searched the grass, to find the complete stages of the dandelion – flower to seed.

As always the children have worked incredibly hard this half term and they should be very proud of their efforts. They definitely deserve a well-earned rest, enjoy your half term break all!

Message from Ms Papuga

Well done to everyone on a fantastic first term. We have already done so many exciting things and learned so much. I know the teachers are looking forward to next term and have many fun and engaging activities planned for you.

Parents, we look forward to seeing you at our first parents’ celebration assembly on Friday 3rd November, when you will get the opportunity to experience some of the wonderful things the children have been learning this term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards

Miss Papuga