22 Sep

  • By coventryadmin

Year 3

We have had another hard working week in Year 3!  The children have settled in to Focus School Atherstone very well and seem to know all the routines of the school.

In maths this week, we have been concentrating again on place value. We have looked at three digit numbers and were able to order them from the smallest to the largest. We also had a lesson on amount of money and had to write the amounts in pounds and pence. In this lesson we had the pleasure of Miss Martin helping out, she was so impressed with how well the children behaved and commented on the children’s lovely neat handwriting! Well done!

In Literacy this week we have been looking at different synonyms and trying to find them in our thesauruses. The children have also worked very hard completing a book review on a book that they have enjoyed reading.

In our topic lessons we had the chance to paint our own cave paintings just like they would in The Stone Age. The children all really enjoyed doing this and some of them are fantastic! We will definitely be making a display of them somewhere in the classroom!

Year 3 with their heads down writing their book reviews.

Year 4 & 5

This week year 4 and 5 had a fabulous addition to our SDL classroom space curtesy of Mr Thewlis.  These white board tables are amazing and very useful thank you very much!

In maths this week we have been learning to order and compare numbers up to 1 000 000.

In geography we have really enjoyed learning to read maps and locate local towns and routes to school.

In English we have been learning to identify main ideas drawn from a narrative and to summarise these and our SPaG focus was to identify the four different types of nouns.

Year 6

This week Year 6 have been working very hard on our Anglo-Saxon work with Mrs Peasland.  We had to design a poster to show what we already knew – we have already learned a lot!

We are also really enjoying our hot lunches and would like to thank all the ladies for coming into school and cooking us delicious meals.

In Maths, we have been working on Roman Numerals. On Thursday we had to use our independent study and research skills to learn about the number system. Our task was to be able to identify all the numerals from I-M, to be able to convert numbers to and from Roman numerals and to explain how the Roman numeral system works – all in preparation for an assessment to show how well we had understood and used our time.
(Written by Hetty & Tamar B)

Ainsley, Freya and Tamar B working hard on their Anglo-Saxon task.