05 Jun

  • By coventryadmin

VC debate against Wilton Campus

On 26 May Y7 &8 students from Atherstone debated against Wilton Campus during their English lesson with Mrs Webb and Mrs Sturdy.

The topic was:

Unhealthy products and brands should be allowed to sponsor sports events and teams.

Yes or no?

Stoke Poges Campus kindly adjudicated.  Wilton argued for the motion and Atherstone argued against it. The Wilton pupils were well prepared and argued with fluency. The Atherstone pupils came up with some valid arguments and stated their points with succinct confidence. Stoke Poges chaired the debate and took some time to weigh up the arguments from both sides.

The decision was: Atherstone won! Congratulations to Clark Godden and Arne Godden: both their speeches were commended. We look forward to running another interschool debate next term as all the students found it very stimulating and are inspired to do even better next time.