11 Mar

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A Snapshot of our week

Thank you to Mrs Jenkin and her team for putting together a fantastic lunch to celebrate World Book Day.  The Primary students made a huge effort to dress up for the Alice in Wonderland theme.  Photos will be available for the Newsletter and/or Blur.

Also thank you must be said to Bill Taylor and his helpers for organising a fantastic Hobson’s Choice play.  All of our Senior students got to tour the Headmaster’s House to see the short play in small groups.  Again photos will be available for the Newsletter and/or Blur.

Tuesday was an exceptionally busy day with the above taking place plus an additional 90+ people in the building for the National English Day.  Jacob Sam-La Rose worked with the Y12 English Language and Literature students from across the country.  The visiting students had the opportunity to mix with the Atherstone students during their lunch break.

We have also had our parents’ evenings this week in the Learning Centre.

MFL Speaking mocks took place on Wednesday.  Thank you to Mrs Carvell for helping with the invigilation.

Next Week

The mocks start on Monday for the Y11 and Y13 students.  These will be conducted under official examination conditions.  Please can we ask that you make sure your children have all of the equipment they need for their exams e.g. calculators, black pens, mathematical instruments, etc.  When they are not in exams they will be in their normal lessons.

Dates Of Interest

11-25 March – Y11 & Y13 Mocks

27 March – Y11 Regional Maths Day at Long Eaton

2 April – Y12 & Y13 Graphics Exam

3 April – Y12 & Y13 Graphics Exam

4 April – Y3, Y4 & Y5 Food Festival for Parents

5 April – Y13 Graphics Exam

5 April – End of Term

23 April – Students Return 


After meeting with the CA team this morning and reviewing the new bus arrangements we have a small amendment which should make departure a little quicker. Once drivers have their buses fully loaded and are ready to leave they should indicate this by flashing their hazard warning lights until departure.

Thanks for all of your Support – Mr Davies

Kind regards

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